Membership Process & Fees

Membership Process

In order to operate within the areas protected by the Canada Shipping Act, designated facilities and regulated vessels must register with a Response Organization. ECRC has arrangements with Point Tupper Marine Services (PTMS) and Atlantic Emergency Response Team (ALERT) to administer a joint membership that allows a non- bulk oil ship (i.e., ships over 400 GT other than oil tankers) and bulk oil ships (i.e. oil tankers of 150 GT or greater) to sail in any Geographic Area of Response (GAR) east of the Rocky Mountains as defined in the Act after submitting a single, combined registration and a single fee.

Since each designated Oil-handing Facility must register individually, they need only register with the RO in whose GAR they are located.

Membership covers one year from the time of activation. You may obtain more details about registration and fees or print copies of the contract from this site.

An arrangement can be made with ECRC by registering through our Ottawa office. You may contact the office directly or print the contract and instruction sheet then follow the steps below:

Choose the correct contract. There are three possibilities:

The contract must :

  • Be in the name of the facility or ship owner but for mailing purposes can also include care of an agent, manager or operator.
  • Be signed by the Owner, an Authorized Agent, a Manager or an Operator.
  • Have the correct address, telephone and fax numbers included.
  • The ‘Person Authorized to Implement Arrangement’ is the person(s) or position(s) that would activate the appropriate Response Organization (ECRC, ALERT or PTMS) to respond to an oil spill. This entry MUST include the Authorized Person’s 24 hrs phone and fax numbers. Do not use Telex or Inmarsat numbers. Also, please note that it would be helpful to have more than one person authorized to Implement Arrangement.

Specify the effective date of the contract. We require written confirmation of the day month and year that a facility is first designated and transfers oil or that a vessel entered or will enter Canadian waters and is therefore subject to the requirement for an arrangement with a Response Organization.

Complete and sign the appropriate contract and forward via e-mail or fax. Original “ink signature” copies are no longer required. Payment is required within five (5) business days of the effective date. Contracts are renewable annually.

If you wish to wire transfer the payment (Payment Options), contact our office for the details or download and print this Payment Options document. If you are considered a non-resident for tax purposes, you may be exempt from paying the GST, but you must file with us a GST tax exemption form.

Once all materials and payments have been received and you are registered with us, you will receive confirmation of your membership as well as your contract number, which is required if you ever need to activate a response or to confirm with the Canadian Coast Guard that you have an arrangement as required in the Canada Shipping Act.

Membership Fees

The annual registration and cargo-related fees for members operating in areas east of the Rocky Mountains.

Current list of approved Registration Fee

Applicable ToFee Effective April 1, 2024Coverage Area
Member – Oil-Handing Facility (OHF)$750 per OHFWithin the Geographic Area of Response of Eastern Canada Response Corporation (All regional areas)
Member – Ship Bulk Oil and Ship Non-Bulk Oill$775 per ShipApplicable to a ship that navigates or engages in a marine activity within a 500-kilometer radius from its home port and within ECRC’s GAR.
Member – Ship Bulk Oil and Ship Non-Bulk Oil$1050 per ShipApplicable to a ship that navigates or engages in a marine activity:

  • Beyond a 500 kilometer radius from its home port, and within ECRC’s GAR, ALERT’s GAR or PTM’s GAR or;
  • From a port not within ECRC’s GAR and within ECRC’s GAR, ALERT’s GAR or PTM’s GAR.

Current list of approved Bulk Oil Cargo Fees (BOCF)

Applicable RegionProduct/sCURRENT BOCF RATES January 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024NEW BOCF RATES Effective January 1, 2025
Great Lakes RegionOil other than Asphalt57.00 ¢ per tonne78.00 ¢ per tonne
Asphalt28.50 ¢ per tonne39.00 ¢ per tonne
Quebec/Maritime RegionOil other than Asphalt28.00 ¢ per tonne34.70 ¢ per tonne
Asphalt14.00 ¢ per tonne17.40 ¢ per tonne
Newfoundland RegionOil other than Asphalt12.16 ¢ per tonne11.90 ¢ per tonne
Asphalt6.08 ¢ per tonne5.90 ¢ per tonne